Meet STONED CLUB: The Couple Behind Our Spring '17 Look Book

We decided to interview one of our favorite couples Luis & Teresa who also happen to be behind our dreamy new lookbook shot in the Canary Islands. Luis is a photographer and Teresa a stylist. When they're not shooting in the most magical places they call Barcelona, Spain home. 



Where & how did you two meet?

I was filming at the beach and I remember seeing  2 girls swimming in the sea. I thought it was a beautiful moment and I filmed them. They were on the other side of the beach and I couldn't see their faces. Later I  I saw these girls at the beach shower. One of them was Teresa.



Best part of working together? 

We know each other perfectly! She knows what I'm thinking with a single glance.



Favorite travel spot?

Southern Italy.

What inspires your work?

A sense of permanent runaway.

Favorite city to visit?



What do you love about LA? 

Everything. It was our first trip together almost 7 years ago. It is a very important place for us.


Where are you traveling to next?

La Habana, Cuba.

Favorite Static Swimsuit?

Teresa's fave is Robertson one piece.


Follow Luis @stonedclub + Teresa @vanillaattack